On Working

A discussion club and practice share for knowledge workers.

Knowledge work is self-managed work. It requires focus, direction and sometimes, inspiration. In my research on self-leading among knowledge workers, I hit on topics like managing boundaryless work, focusing one's attention, prioritizing, multitasking, email/mobile phone distractions and so on. If you too are interested in these topics, I want you to join the discussion!

Possible topics!

  • Internal and externalizing strategies of focus and self-regulation
  • Decision fatigue & brain juice
  • The interaction of environment, habits, and willpower/conscious control
  • Procrastination - how to overcome, how to trick yourself into working :)
  • Prioritizing work
  • Making time/space for the most important, valuable work
  • The maker time/manager time-concept
  • Tools
  • Inward & outward focus, the brain's default system, creativity